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Camp Chinquapin for Critters is a family owned and operated medium sized pet care facility, located just outside town in Greenwood, South Carolina. Owners include Dr. Michael D Ridgeway DVM, Glenda Nelson Ridgeway and (son) Andrew R Nelson. Opened in 1998 to provide premier boarding and grooming services; camp, as we call it, has grown into something we are all very proud of. We now offer three different types of boarding kennels for dogs, kitty condos for cats, daycare with size and age specific playgroups, professional bathing and grooming services, and professional pet dog obedience training. Located next-door to Chinquapin Animal Hospital, we work in full cooperation with each other to fulfill all of your pet care needs.

We also offer a 10% Community Service Discount, available to all public service employees. Any teachers, police officers, firefighters, military, or even waste disposal service providers can enjoy caring for their pet at a discounted price. If you get paid with tax dollars and provide a viable community service, we want to thank you by helping make it more affordable for you to care for your pet. We love it when you love your pet.

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