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Doggie Daycare

Our Doggie Daycare program allows your dog to have a fun-filled play day while you are away at work. You can drop your dog off as early as 7:30a.m., and pick him up as late as 5:30 p.m. During his day at Camp, your dog will spend his morning in one of our large Play Yards with other dogs of similar size, age and temperament. During nap-time (12:30 to 3:00pm), your dog will go to one of our Indoor Condos with one or two companions to rest and relax. In the afternoon all of the dogs will return to their yards and play until you return for them in the afternoon.


Why should Fido have to sit at home alone bored all day while you are at work? He can spend a fun-filled day at Camp with friends and come home happy and tired. And imagine, no more messes to clean up, furniture torn up and best of all no more spastic, attention deprived, play crazed puppy chomping at the bit for your every ounce of energy. You can both relax together at the end of a very large day!

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