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Our chocolate lab, Charlie, who we adopted from the HSOG last year, has attended Camp Chinquapin on a regular basis for about a year and a half. Like most labs, Charlie is a very high-energy dog – in fact, it was this energy that got him turned into the shelter not once, but twice. We adopted him, determined to do whatever it took to be his forever home. Despite our best efforts, he still wasn’t getting enough opportunity to release all his energy, and he told us so by eating our couch while we were at work one day. We enrolled him at Camp Chinquapin, and thanks to the playtime he gets every day at “school”, his destructive behavior disappeared and he has become the perfect companion at home. He could be right out of an L.L. Bean catalogue.

— Charlie

My baby, Winston, loves Camp Chinquapin! He has taken puppy classes, attended doggie Daycare, been boarded and groomed there, and walks in and out with his tail wagging every time! We wouldn't trust him anywhere else!!!

— Winston

Our dog Dakota is full of energy and wants to play constantly. Before she started daycare at Camp Chinquapin, she would have to stay by herself in the house until we got home from work. When we would get home, she wanted to play constantly and never slept through the night. She has been going to daycare for about a year, and since she has started, she’s perfectly happy to sit on the couch with us and relax after we get home and sleeps soundly all through the night. She’s always excited to get in the truck every morning because she knows she’s getting ready to play with all of her friends. The staff at Camp is great, and we never have to worry about the care and attention that she is receiving while we are away. We can’t thank everyone at Camp enough for all they do for Dakota.

— Dakota Abernathy

My Amy went to daycare here for about 1 1/2 years. Amy went to Heaven and I adopted/rescued Willis, a Westie back in July. He has been going to daycare for about 6 weeks now. He loves it. We bought Rosemary, a 7 week old Scottie in September. She had to wait until she was 8 weeks old to go to daycare because of all of her shots. This is her 3rd week at daycare and she loves it to. April and everyone that works there love dogs and cats and show it on a daily basis. Willis and Rosemary goes 3 days a week. Thank everyone at daycare for being so caring and loving. We love you too!

— Kathy McClinton, Ninety Six, S.C.

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